Data Storytelling on Quiet Quitting

by | Jobs and Economic Opportunities

Storytelling is a powerful tool for unpacking potential futures and emerging trends.

Using foresight tools and data storytelling approaches, this initiative seeks to respond to the countless uncertainties emerging about the future of work and the rising prominence of ‘quiet quitting’ to unearth the individuals and stories behind the reality of the workforce.

Through collaborative research to reveal new evidence from the underrepresented Global South perspective, the group aims to document experiences of youth disengagement and share insights to influence policy, champion youth advocacy, and lead change for young people in the workplace.

Lame Dilotsotlhe

Lame Dilotsotlhe

Lame Dilotsotlhe: Visual storyteller, podcast host and communications strategist specializing in working with minority communities and advocacy nonprofits.

Age: 25-29 // Country: Botswana