Engine Room for the Future

Igniting a Global Movement

Are you a young leader, under 30 years old, with the desire to turbocharge the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)and prepare us for the Summit of the Future?

Then sign up to become a part of the Engine Room for the Future, a global virtual platform fostering innovation, community and collaboration to accelerate progress for the 2030 Agenda.

Together with these young champions and changemakers, we will support and showcase their ideas, creativity and passion across the UN system.

With your support, the 2024 Engine Room hopes to drive greater political support for intergenerational cooperation, increase awareness of current and future challenges, and accelerate SDG action with and for young people.

What is the Engine Room?

The Engine Room is a digital platform designed to mobilize thousands of young changemakers to share ideas, engage with the global system, and learn from inspiring changemakers on the importance of intergenerational cooperation.

Since launching in March 2023, the Engine Room has engaged more than 44,000 young people for the SDG Summit, connecting them with leading minds across the UN, Mastercard, LinkedIn, the New York Times, and many more.

Register for the Launch Event

25 March 2024 // 9:00-11:00am ET

Join us on Zoom to kickstart the momentum for the Summit of the Future! Hear from world-leading visionaries and changemakers, UN insiders, and our very own Next Generation Fellows who will be unveiling their visionary strategies for the Engine Room Action Groups.

This is your chance to be at the forefront of change, connecting with the movers and shakers who will curate this transformational moment, and take an active role in shaping the future!

The 2024 Engine Room

In March 2024, the Engine Room will relaunch with a clear mandate to propel the ambitions articulated in the Road to 2100.The Engine Room will provide an open, flexible and collaborative space to harness collective intelligence and foster dialogue to shape the 2100 Roadmap as we approach the 2024 Summit of the Future.

The Engine Room will:

  • Provide an inclusive and accessible space for young leaders to find community, connecting with other changemakers committed to turbocharging the SDGs. 
  • Mobilize young changemakers and empower them to input into meaningful efforts for systemic change through the Road to 2100.
  • Support young changemakers through sharing opportunities for engagement and providing scalable digital resources to guide their contributions to the Road to 2100.

Members of the Engine Room will:

  • Be invited to participate in curated Engine Room opportunities to influence the UN in key global processes, including the Summit of the Future. 
  • Work closely with the Action Groups to drive intergenerational dialogue and collaboration to advance a movement for the future.
  • Be invited to contribute to the development of the 2100 Roadmap through consultations, dialogues and opportunities to engage and amplify the voices of their communities.
  • Be invited to participate in Engine Room Pitstops, which will provide insights into critical global moments.
  • Opportunities to be spotlighted in the Our Future Agenda publications.

Action Groups

Each Action Group will have a thematic focus area, enabling that group to bring focus and clarity to their international collaboration throughout the year.


Focuses on people-centered strategies for 2100, addressing demographic shifts’ impact on healthcare, education, and employment. It emphasizes youth well-being within aging populations and explores migration patterns.


Concentrates on new models to empower young people to lead in climate adaptation and mitigation, promote green practices among young entrepreneurs, and advocate for sustainable policies for the benefit of all generations.


Explores economic trends, entrepreneurship, and economic empowerment focusing on the most marginalized. It addresses the impact of new technologies, microfinance, and youth-led innovation to foster economic growth and equality.


Examine global conflict trends affecting young people and young countries, technology’s role in conflict prevention and mitigation and effective strategies to build trust and solidarity across generations and cultures.


Analyzes global debt dynamics, evaluates international financial institutions, and explores innovative debt relief models and strategies for effective global cooperation in the future.