Unlock the Future Coalition

In September 2021, the UN Foundation brought together some of the biggest youth-led and youth-focused organizations to launch the Unlock the Future coalition. 

At a virtual event held during high-level week at the opening of the 76th UN General Assembly, the leaders of these organizations announced the Unlock Declaration. In it, they set out their intention to join forces to build a high-ambition coalition with and for all young people and future generations.

See full declaration here.

Now, we are working finding ways to fulfill these promises, whilst embracing our shared principles of diversity, representation, impact, and accountability.

As a first step, we designed the Big Brainstorm to incubate and launch a series of youth-led Action Groups, which will be the engines driving our work. Find out more here.

Unlock Coalition Commitments

Advancing Shared goals

“We will increase commitments to act on priorities for young people and future generations, securing gains that make a difference to their lives and to the planet.”

Fostering Opportunities

“We will help young people to find opportunities for civic engagement and social action, and to develop the skills they need to lead and mobilize in the face of emerging threats and challenges.”

Voice and Representation

“We will ensure that young people from all backgrounds are at the heart of decision-making processes and improve meaningful representation for all young people, including those most impacted by discrimination and inequality.”


“We will work collectively on increasing funding for child, youth-led, and youth-focused networks and movements, and work with funders to make funding more strategic, inclusive, and accessible.”

The Engine Room

“At a time when children and young people face challenges and crises not of their making, we – leaders and partners of the world’s most far-reaching youth-focused and youth-led movements, networks, and organizations – are committed to unlocking a better future with and for young people and future generations.”

Unlock Declaration

“Right now is the biggest example of the world rebuilding itself since the end of WWII. Nothing is off the table, and nothing is guaranteed. This is why the Unlock the Future coalition is incredibly important”

Abdullahi Alim, Global Shaper, Big Brainstorm 2022

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