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We need an international system that thinks, acts, and plans not only for people alive today, but also for future generations. With the world changing at an unprecedented pace, young people have a powerful role to play – helping us make the most of the finite resources we have now to create a better future.

The Next Generation Fellows program, established by the United Nations Foundation, puts young people at the forefront of this movement, to help shape the policy agenda, inspire bold thinking, and drive solutions and innovation at scale.

Meet the UN Foundation Next Generation Fellows

Inés Yábar

Lead Fellow

Anita Dywaba

Gender Equality

Alice Mukashyaka

Transforming Education

Thaís Queiroz

Transforming Education

Claudette Salinas Leyva

Future Generations

Jacob Ellis

Future Generations

Kelechi Achinonu


Saru Duckworth


Butti Almheiri


Mai Sami Mohamed Ahmed

Children's Rights


The Next Generation Fellows program was established by the United Nations Foundation to respond to the Secretary-General’s request for young people to shape the Our Common Agenda report.

Throughout 2021, the Next Generation Fellows spoke to over 600 young people worldwide. They refined our ideas through conversations with UN leaders, including the Secretary-General, the Deputy Secretary-General, and the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy on Youth.As a result, several of the Fellows’ proposals made it into the Our Common Agenda report.

The Next Generation Fellows also launched a standalone report called Our Future Agenda, setting out an ambitious vision and plan for the world’s young people and future generations and acting as a manifesto for the continuing work of the Our Future Agenda program.Building on the legacy of the 2021 cohort, a new cohort is working to deliver the vision of Our Future Agenda.

Based on their designated thematic focus, Next Generation Fellows are positioned across the global system to help shape the policy agenda, inspire bold thinking, and drive solutions and innovation at scale.

Next Generation India Fellowship

Shaping India's Future


Agnes Cynthia Amoding

Amélie J. Mariage

Aya-Maria Rouhana

Jevanic Henry

Kartik Sawhney

Poonam Ghimire

Valeria Colunga

Aishwarya Machani

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