Dhruvak Aggarwal – Affordable and Clean Energy Fellow

Dhruvak is a researcher with the Power sector team at The Council. His current research focuses on enhancing efficiency of energy consumption in households, reforms in the electricity sector from industrial organization and operations lenses, and digitisation of power infrastructure. He is also interested in the geopolitics of energy and multilateral environmental governance.

Prior to joining The Council, he has studied the feasibility of flexible energy systems through electricity and gas market coupling and electricity storage, efficiency of wholesale gas markets, and technology adoption in electricity distribution utilities. Beyond policy research Dhruvak has also worked with global organizations on leveraging ‘Machine Learning’ for power grid decarbonisation, and cyber security regulation for a digitizing power network. He has worked in India and other Southeast Asian countries on technology and policy levers to enhance building energy efficiency.

Dhruvak holds a Master of Philosophy in Technology Policy from the University of Cambridge and a Bachelor of Technology in Mechatronics engineering from Manipal University Jaipur. Outside of his professional engagements he likes to travel and do volunteer work. He is enthusiastic about history, Formula 1 and horology.

LinkedIn: Dhruvak Aggarwal 

Instagram: @dhruvak.aggarwal 

X: @AggarwalDhruvak 

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