Our Future Agenda

Unlocking the Power of Next and Future Generations.

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Welcome to Our Future Agenda, a new program by the UN Foundation that empowers young changemakers to be the agents of change for a sustainable 2100 world.

UN Foundation’s Our Future Agenda program offers a unique platform for young innovators, entrepreneurs, and champions to reimagine the UN for 21st-century needs. We tap into young people’s energy, collectivism, and long-term vision, fostering collective action, building alliances, and fortifying support for the United Nations. It’s all about fostering international cooperation to drive solutions to our shared challenges, something we need now more than ever.

We aim to bridge the gap between local action and global solutions. Our program connects young people with global leaders, ensuring their aspirations are represented on the world stage. We foster inclusivity, encouraging voices from all backgrounds to be heard.

Our Future Agenda comes to life through three impactful initiatives: the Unlock the Future coalition, Next Generation Fellows, and Intergenerational Action. These initiatives transform Our Future Agenda into tangible outcomes, helping to drive positive change and create a sustainable future.

Our Initiatives



Our Future Agenda Quarterly

Thought-provoking policy insights to amplify the voices of the next generation

Next Generation India

A two-year fellowship specifically designed to empower India’s most promising young leaders

The Road to 2100

A 5-year Action Plan designed to empower all young people to help them unlock the full potential of their future.

Our Common Agenda Decoded

Making policy make sense. Understand key global issues in just 2 minutes.

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