Intergenerational Town Halls

National Visions for 2100

Welcome to Intergenerational Town Halls, a series of locally led events hosted by global partners, and supported by the Unlock the Future coalition.

These national Town Halls are designed to engage, empower, and elevate the voices of young people and future generations. Each one is uniquely designed to address the challenges and opportunities specific to its host country, fostering local solutions that contribute to global goals by focusing on generating ideas and commitments from the ground up. 

Through engaging leaders, experts and policymakers from diverse communities and across generations, these events aim to ensure that the vision for the future of global governance and the United Nations resonates with the realities of people worldwide.

Intergenerational Town Halls


20 May 2024


2 June 2024



















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Our world is at a pivotal moment, facing challenges that are vast and varied. Climate change, the rapid pace of technological advances, and increasing social and economic disparities call for a fresh look at how we manage global affairs.

This period of intense change is further highlighted by significant demographic shifts, with predictions showing that by 2100, over 80% of the world’s young people under 30 will be living in Africa and Asia while the median age in Europe will be 50.

Countries where the majority of the population are under 30 will play a crucial role in shaping the future on a global scale. These young countries, while brimming with potential, are also facing obstacles like heavy debt, slow progress on achieving Sustainable Development Goals, and a growing sense of disconnect with traditional forms of governance.

There is a pressing need for a new, inclusive way of working together on a global scale, one that not only tackles today’s issues but is also forward-thinking, ready for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

This is where the United Nations’ Summit of the Future comes in. Planned for September 2024, this key event is set to spark a global conversation on how we can evolve our approach to governance, ensuring it meets the needs of both today’s and tomorrow’s generations, creating a fairer, more sustainable, and peaceful world.

Read our Summit of the Future guide for intergenerational cooperation here… 


Deepen National Leadership

Build strong national and political leadership for reimagining the future of the United Nations, ensuring that support is rooted in the local realities and reflects the specific needs and aspirations of countries across the spectrum.

Amplify Intergenerational Cooperation

To harness collective insights and enthusiasm to bolster global cooperation to tackle current and future challenges, highlighting the role of the UN as a cornerstone for building a more inclusive and resilient world.

Fostering a Legacy of Sustainability

Embed sustainability and resilience at the heart of global decision-making processes, ensuring that the well-being of the planet and future generations is prioritized in every policy, initiative, and global agreement, including the Pact for the Future.

Empowering Diverse Voices
To amplify the voices of across generations leaders, particularly those from traditionally underrepresented communities, ensuring their perspectives and solutions are integral to shaping the policies and initiatives that will define our collective future.
Shape the Road to 2100
Contribute actionable strategies and visions that will inform the 2100 Roadmap, making it a comprehensive guide for achieving intergenerational equity, sustainability, and inclusiveness in the century to come.

Summit of the Future and Beyond

Summit of the Future is a high-level event, happening in September 2024, that will bring together world leaders to forge a new international consensus on how we deliver a better present and safeguard the future. 

Central to the Summit and its outcomes is an action-oriented Pact for the Future, aimed at establishing a global agreement to address future challenges through collaborative, innovative solutions. The Pact signifies a new era of governance that prioritizes resilience, inclusivity, and long-term sustainability, representing a shared understanding that the well-being of future generations hinges on the decisions we make today.

The Summit of the Future is a crucial step toward a larger vision: the 2100 Roadmap. Backed by the United Nations Foundation and the Unlock the Future coalition the Roadmap is a strategic plan designed to make global governance more flexible, participatory, and in tune with the aspirations and needs of the world’s young people and future populations.

Set to be unveiled at the final SDG Summit in 2027, the 2100 Roadmap is an intergenerational vision inspired by young people for a future where every generation can thrive, taking the collective wisdom from the Summit of the Future and turning it into concrete, lasting change.

Find out more on how the Our Future Agenda program is spotlighting the challenges young people face and empowering them to lead the Sustainable Development Goals here.