The initiative aims to collect data, using participatory research methods, within our local region/neighborhood.

The data will then be used to rank 5 areas of research: knowledge, healthcare, standard of living, government transparency and human rights violations in accordance with their level of development in the area.

The main idea is to produce uncorrupted data, which local NGOs often lack the funds to collect. Then, we will consult the NGOs on the projects most needed in the area that they are engaged.

We want to develop an analytical tool that can be used by a range of peace oriented organizations to provide localized impact. This initiative serves to act as a platform to communicate priorities of local people to local NGOs, as well as encourage local NGOs to work on certain projects together, thus combining their resources.

We want to act as peace facilitators of the region, constantly monitoring the level of development and consulting NGOs on how that level of development can be increased.

David Adesanya and Camila Szapari

David Adesanya and Camila Szapari

David Adesanya: Producer and multidisciplinary creator specializing in advocacy through design.

Age: 25-29 // Country: UK

Camila Szapari: Part of non-governmental human rights organization called Asuntos del Sur

Age: 18-24 // Country: Argentina