Dialogue with the Deputy Secretary General

The Next Generation Fellows met with the United Nations Deputy Secretary-General, H.E Amina Mohammed today to discuss what they have been hearing from their peers all across the world during consultations for Our Future Agenda. 

Kicking off the event Ms Mohamed said ‘Of the 12 commitments that were made by Member States to frame a Common Agenda, the most important, I think, was to listen to and work with youth.”

The discussion covered the urgent need for action to support young people through a transformation in education systems, deep thinking about jobs, the need for greater civic engagement and the imminent danger of climate change. Attendees agreed that in addressing all of these issues young people must be brought in as active and equal partners.

The audience were optimistic with 62% of those attending agreeing that life will be better for young people living in 2050 than today, but they also had a sharp message for political leaders with 90% agreeing young people are not involved enough in decision making on the issues that matter most to them.  

Convenor of the Next Generation Fellows Aishwarya Machani said the event ‘has set an incredibly high mark in terms of engaging decision-makers on young people’s priorities and perspectives.’The Fellows will now continue their work on ‘Our Future Agenda’ which will be a companion report to the Secretary-General’s Common Agenda due to be published this autumn.

Read the report summary here


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