School-to-Work Transition

by | Jobs and Economic Opportunities

There is increasing evidence that, particularly for those in developing economies, the school-to-work transition can create long-term negative effects on young people.

To address this, this initiative intends to develop a career aptitude and leadership development package consisting of intensive workshops, job shadowing, and traineeship to support a progressive transition into the workforce.

This project aims to work with young people aged between 17 and 21 living in Kathmandu over a six-month duration with the ambition that those supported by this initiative will have drastically improved experiences in the workforce.

Through collaboration with other young leaders, the initiative intends to provide a replicable model for helping young people bridge difficult transitions into adulthood and revitalize domestic economies.

Sushmina Baidya

Sushmina Baidya

Regional Manager for Asia/Oceania at Peace First, Co-Founder of YOUTHive Nepal, and recipient of ‘The Chevening Award’ Age: 25-29 // Country: Nepal