Women Weaving in Science

by | Gender Equality

This initiative will train indigenous female leaders in climate action, bringing specific focus to food sovereignty, climate change, clean energy, and project formulation.

Women who participate will be empowered and equipped to develop locally driven initiatives for their communities.

This approach will contribute to increasing the resilience of women and girls in the face of climate impacts through not only increasing their capacity for participation and access to decision-making, but also providing pathways for financial independence.

Clockwise from Top Left: Training phase for Pastos indigenous women in the area of ​​climate change and gender; Meeting in the territory; Biodiversity monitoring (Bird watching); Self-care and collective care workshop for defenders of the territory and closing of the first Phase of the “Women Weaving in Science” project; Self-care and collective care workshop for defenders of the territory.

Nohora Quiguantar

Nohora Quiguantar

Indigenous youth leader, recipient of the Mi Sangre Foundation Fellowship, Leader of Tejiendo Pensamiento (Indigenous women for climate) and part of the UN Women Feminist Action Coalition for Climate Justice. Age: 25-29 // Country: Colombia