Alliance for Non-Formal education

by | Transforming Education

Reimagining the way that young people are engaged in the education system is not a task that can be achieved by any one organization.

The Alliance of Partners for Education would unify a broad range of stakeholders across the world who are committed to promoting young people’s role in the future of education.

This Alliance will act as a mechanism for connection, mobilization, and coordination across national, regional, and global initiatives to increase global awareness and collective impact.

Kinga Szalaba and Yasmein Abdelghany

Kinga Szalaba and Yasmein Abdelghany

Kinga Szalaba is a student and youth representative of the World Organization of the Scout Movement.

Age: 18-24 // Country: Hungary

Yasmein Abdelghany is a Researcher, community organizer and content creator.

Age: 25-29 // Country: Egypt