Big Brainstorm

A Platform for Incubating and Supporting Action

The Big Brainstorm is the Unlock the Future coalition’s annual open-space event. It is an inclusive opportunity for young people and partners to co-create solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing next and future generations. 

For our coalition’s inaugural Big Brainstorm, we invited anyone who was passionate about shaping the future to create, lead, or participate in an Action Group. The only requirement was that groups had to be led or
co-led by young people.

Over the course of the Big Brainstorm, the Action Groups took part in a packed program.

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The Big Kick-Off

7 February

Action Group leaders shared what issue they had chosen to focus on during the Big Brainstorm and what they hoped to achieve over the next couple of weeks; they then invited others to join them. Action Group leaders spoke about issues ranging from the digital gender divide to mental health in what made for an exciting first day.

Spotlight Sessions

14-17 February

Our Spotlight Sessions brought together experts of all ages for open policy discussions about education, justice, and planning for the future. It was brilliant to see people from all backgrounds sharing their experiences and finding ways to collaborate.

The Big Pitch

18 February

The final event of the Big Brainstorm saw each Action Group pitch their ideas in front of an audience of other young changemakers, as well as youth-led organizations, youth champions from across the international system, and an Advisory Panel of ‘keynote listeners’.

The Advisory Panel

The Action Groups received feedback from an Advisory Panel, who did a fantastic job as our ‘keynote listeners’, providing words of wisdom and encouragement. To find out who our panel members were, hover over their images.

Action Groups 2022

Action Groups were given five minutes to share what they had learned over the last two weeks, and plans for turning their ideas into action over the next year and beyond. To find out who led each Action Group, hover over the boxes below. To see what they had to say, press the Watch buttons below.


Digital Divide

Jobs for
young people

Gender Equality, Climate
and Sustainability

Justice Leaders

Mental Health
and Wellbeing


Youth Action

Our Partners

CIVICUS, the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, and Save the Children contributed to the Unlock Declaration; the Kofi Annan Foundation is also committed to building this coalition with and for children, young people, and future generations.

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