Anoushka Sinha – Gender Equality Fellow

Anoushka Sinha is a passionate human rights and gender equality activist who has been advocating for women’s rights and education equality since she was 10 years old. She started her journey by organizing campaigns at local NGOs. At the age of 12, she began working as a radio jockey, one of the youngest in the country and ran three seasons of her own radio show aimed towards children in rural India. She has also grown her youth led, SDG focused organization from ground up and has made a global footprint with her work there as its founder and CEO. Her organization today works with esteemed global partners such as World Bank, United Nations and UNESCO, Learning Planet Alliance among others.

Anoushka is a Diana Award recipient which is the highest accolade a young person can receive for their social advocacy, awarded by Prince William & Prince Harry and the Royal Family in the UK. She has served as an ambassador for UNEP, on the Young People Action Team as a youth advisor for YuWaah Generation Unlimited At UNICEF India, and as an advocate with UNESCO GYC and SDG4 Youth Network. She has worked with a plethora of international charities and humanitarian organizations like the ONE campaign and Plan International. 

From losing her dad at a young age to becoming a voice for the most underserved women Anoushka has continued paving the way for many girls like her to pursue higher education and become self-reliant. She has empowered hundreds of thousands of women and children globally to become self-sufficient and educated through her advocacy, mentorship and activism. Her journey has taught her fearlessness, resilience and an undying desire to bridge the gap, dismantle barriers for women and girls everywhere. She has impacted over 100,000 young people globally. Her work has been recognised and awarded by UNICEF, Girl Up UN Foundation, KidsRights Changemakers, PeaceFirst and more. She has been among one of the few teens to be featured on NASDAQ for breaking the glass ceiling for girls in STEM. She was awarded the Points Of Light Honor Roll by former US president George W Bush and is one of the youngest fellows to be ever elected into the Royal Society of Arts, London. She is a part of the Forbes Women network and is the sole World Literacy Award finalist from Asia. 

Anoushka’s global impact has been covered by Bloomberg, Yahoo, The Times Of India among others. She continues to be a fierce advocate for women and is excited to continue leading change for young people around the world through her role as a Next Generation India Fellow.

LinkedIn: Anoushka Sinha 

Instagram: @anoushkaasinha 

X: @AnoushkaSinha__ 

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