There are notable intersections between issues of gender equality and access to jobs and economic opportunities.

Marginalized young women need help building their self esteem and confidence in bringing their own business ideas to life to access decent and desirable work.

For this reason, this initiative aims to provide free short courses to women and girls who are not supported by the traditional education system due to being young mothers or members of rural or marginalized communities.

These courses will focus on locally appropriate and desirable skills such as tailoring, catering, craft, and hair braiding that will provide women and girls with opportunities for long-term financial independence.

The long-term ambitions of this initiative includes building up women’s confidence in their ideas and the provision of start-up loans for women who complete these programs to support the development of their businesses.

Update – 16 April 2023

Today we have finally launched empower her. Which is aimed at creating a power chain of young women and girls who are empowered and able to empower others.we were at Kamwala youth friendly space where we were talking about entrepreneurship and connecting the girls to free skills and opportunities. Follow us on Instagram.

Florence Lungu

Florence Lungu

Student and social entrepreneur Age: 22 // Country: Zambia