Foresight for Intergenerational Decision-Making

by | Future Generations

Our initiative aims to create a toolkit that facilitates multi-stakeholder foresight exercises, involving adolescents, young people, youth networks, multilateral institutions, and the private sector.

By providing a concrete tool for building meaningful intergenerational spaces, we aim to foster accountability and collaboration, allowing young people to actively shape the world they want for themselves and for those yet to come.

Felipe Bosch and Daouia Chalali

Felipe Bosch and Daouia Chalali

Felipe Bosch: Co-founder of the Americas Program: Groupe d'études géopoi with a Masters in Metropolitan Governance and Urban Studies Age: 25-29 // Country: Argentina

Daouia Chalali: A passionate forward-thinker with a two-year experience as a Foresight Practitioner in the private sector. While completing a triple Master’s degree in Foresight and International Relations, Business Administration and Public Administration, she has actively engaged and developed Foresight networks in Paris. She specializes in Global Health challenges.