Future generations leadership practices are present within many indigenous communities around the world.

The majority of future generations will also be born in ‘future majority’ countries, most of which are concentrated in the Global South.

In order to support a strong path forward for future generations, drawing together and preserving indigenous cultural experiences and knowledge is essential to enabling future generations to learn from them and continue to practice them.

This initiative will engage a variety of indigenous leaders, to explore new ways of gathering and preserving their insights for current and future generations.

Wara Iris Ruiz Condori and Jacob Odur

Wara Iris Ruiz Condori and Jacob Odur

Wara Iris Ruiz Condori: Commercial engineer, entrepreneur and content creator.

Age: 25-29 // Country: Bolivia

Jacob Odur: CEO and Founder of Mwonya Media Technologies

Age: 25-29 // Country: Uganda