7-18 February 2022

Big Brainstorm

A Platform for Incubating and Supporting Action

Leading an action group

Are you determined, creative, action-oriented, and organized? If so, you should think about signing up to be one of our Action Group Leaders!

We’re looking for Action Group Leaders to bring together a group of fellow thinkers and activists to brainstorm, discuss, and co-create during our Big Brainstorm and beyond. 

You can find more information about:

The Big Brainstorm

The role of Action
Group Leaders below.

If you are interested,
please sign up here.

Please email amachani@unfoundation.org if you have any questions or want to talk through your ideas. We’re happy to help in any way we can!

Note. Action Groups must be either led or co-led by young people. We welcome groups of young people already working with or for other organizations. 

Prospective Action Group Leaders will not have to go through a selection process, but you may be asked to join or merge with another Action Group.


Before the Big Brainstorm

Pick a topic, set your goals, and sign up to lead an Action Group. 

Each Action Group must focus on a specific topic. The priority areas of the Unlock the Future coalition may provide a helpful starting point, but you’re welcome to pick any topic that broadly aligns with the principles and objectives outlined in the Unlock Declaration.

Transforming education; jobs and economic opportunities; climate and sustainability; inclusion, justice and intergenerational equity; representation of young people in the international system; and future generations.

As an Action Group Leader, it is up to you to set goals for your group. You can choose to work on a task that will be wrapped up by the end of the Big Brainstorm or to develop a plan for a longer term project, for which you could receive financial support. 

Possible goals include: 

  • Carrying out research 
  • Developing an advocacy strategy 
  • Designing a strategy for mobilization around an event 
  • Developing a new initiative

During the Big Brainstorm

At the Big Kick Off, we expect you to deliver a 2 minute presentation about the topic you have chosen, why you have chosen it, and what you hope to achieve during the Big Brainstorm.

This will be a chance for interested young thinkers and activists to hear about the work you are doing and decide whether they want to join your group.

Over the two weeks of the Big Brainstorm, it will be up to you to ensure that your Action Group is working towards the goals you have set.

You are responsible for keeping in touch with your Action Group and organizing group discussions. However, each Action Group will also be assigned a Mentor. You will have at least one hour long session with your Mentor and in some cases more.

Each Action Group will be asked to submit a summary of the work using a template by 16th February.

At the Big Pitch, your Action Group will make a 5 minute presentation in front of a guest panel. Prizes will be awarded for the most innovative, actionable, and inspirational presentations.

After the Big Brainstorm

All Action Group Leaders will be welcome to participate in regular Unlock the Future coalition meetings. 

You will also be invited to contribute to our monthly newsletter to showcase the work you have been doing in your communities with other young people. 

Some Action Groups may also receive financial and other support to implement the plans they put forward during the Big Brainstorm.



Each Action Group will be assigned a Mentor to provide guidance and support throughout the Big Brainstorm.

The Big Brainstorm Team

As an Action Group Leader, you will be invited to join our Slack workspace so that you can ask the organizing committee questions about anything to do with the Big Brainstorm.
We will also be on hand to help with any technical requirements you may have, e.g. access to a Zoom meeting.

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