Partnership for future generations in Africa

by | Future Generations

Partnering for future generations requires building a community of people, especially young people, who think of, speak for and act as trustees for future generations. As result, this initiative intends to provide young people and young led organizations with an array of knowledge and skills to guarantee the protection and fulfilment of the rights of future generations. The initiative intend to achieve among other the followings:

  • Host biweekly fireside chats on future generations  among youths (with guest speakers when available)
  • Launch a podcast on Future Generations
  • Quarterly send newsletters to world leaders pushing for actions aimed at respecting, protecting  and fulfilling the rights of  future generations ( in form of follow-up and monitoring)
  • Organize seminars and conference on future generations with the help of our partners experts of Futures Literacy
  • Facilitate and coordinate collaboration and partnerships within Youth Networks for future generations
  • Participate in Futures-related events and cover them as journalists from the Future
  • Design educational and awareness programs on the rights of future generations
  • Advocate for the domestication of the Maastricht Principles on the Rights of Future Generations by all UN member states
Alimi Salifou

Alimi Salifou

A young versatile community builder with interest in effective altruism, improving institutional decision making and longtermism