Our Future Agenda

A vision and plan for next and future generations

“Today’s young people are forced to confront crises that we did not cause.

It is no wonder that we fear for our futures – and for the futures of our children and grandchildren. But we will not be silenced. We will continue to fight without fear for a more just, resilient, and sustainable world.

It is time for leaders to catch up, or risk being left behind.”

In line with his call for young people to be the designers of their own futures, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres asked a group of Next Generation Fellows to set out their vision and plan for next and future generations in Our Future Agenda.

Our Future Agenda calls for a New Deal for a New Generation – covering education, jobs, and the climate – and for a rejuvenated multilateral system that delivers its promise to listen to and work with young people.

Supplementary Reports

These proposals have fed into Our Common Agenda – the Secretary-General’s plan for how the global family can work together to achieve shared goals.

Dialogue with the
Deputy Secretary-General