Supporting Young Changemakers

by | Financing

Young leaders starting their entrepreneurial or social impact journeys often face challenges in seeking funding, especially for those working to contribute to the attainment of the SDGs.

This issue acts as a significant barrier for young people in starting and scaling their organizations.

This initiative will support young changemakers in overcoming this barrier by completing research to provide a clear and comprehensive landscape of the funding and development opportunities available, as well as collating insights from young changemakers who have successfully acquired funding.

In addition, this initiative aspires to offer mini-grant-making opportunities that are specifically designed to be accessible for young leaders.

Khushi Jain and Walter Fernando Ibarra Dávila

Khushi Jain and Walter Fernando Ibarra Dávila

Khushi Jain: Student, researcher, and entrepreneur

Age: 18-24 // Country: India

Walter Fernando Ibarra: Economics and previous representative for Peru in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum

Age: 25-29 // Country: Peru