Unlock the Future of Learning

19 September 2022   |   10:00-20:00 EDT


About this event

The Unlock the Future of Learning Festival is a high-level multi-stakeholder event adjacent to the Transforming Education Summit, which will bring together major youth-led and youth-focused organizations, education partners and alliances, international organizations, member states, the private sector, and other partners.

The festival will amplify outcomes of the Transforming Education Summit, and provide a platform for young people to call for action to build formal and non-formal education systems that provide everyone with the skills they need to thrive in the future.

Young people will lead the event, drawing on their mobilization in communities, countries, and internationally and building on their proposals and demands for change. It will also model the solidarity between generations that we need to unlock the future.

The festival will contribute to efforts to accelerate SDG delivery and lay the groundwork for the SDG Summit in 2023.

Join us Virtually

If you’re interested in this event, we want to make sure you can be involved. To keep the environmental impact of our event to a minimum, and to make this event accessible to all – wherever they are in the world – we’ll be live-streaming throughout. Registration opens 22 August.

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Education Spotlights

A series of eight high-level dialogues to spotlight areas that require greater ambition, and can accelerate progress on education and the 2030 Agenda, arranged by Unlock partners.

After Party

Power Panel

World leaders share their vision and plans for transforming education.

Youth Solutions Challenge

Three young leaders will pitch win-win solutions to transform education by 2030, ahead of the 2023 SDG Summit.

Global Leaders for
Education Dialogue

Ministers and education champions discuss win-win, cross cutting solutions to deliver transformative change for young people and future generations.

Race to 2023

An intergenerational dialogue on transforming education, featuring a UN Leader, a public advocate for education, and a young leader/student.

Reception and closing statements

A conversation-friendly place for guests to mingle and take photos, with light food and drinks provided.

Partner Campaigns

The event is organized by the UN Foundation and hosted by the Unlock the Future coalition and its partners.

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